We've posted plenty of custom Lego toys before, including cubedudes and minifigs, but the art of one Ulises Farinas of Act-I-Vate fame shines a bright green light on the potential of illustrated block figures.

The ever vigilant Robot6 caught the artists latest two Legostrations and they're just begging for the video game treatment ala "Lego Batman" and "Lego Star Wars."

"Rise" showcases the DC Universe's current crisis with death while "Lego My Marvel" recalls New York City's battle with Galactus.

Farinas' elegant cartooning simplicity is balanced with a crazy attention to detail, making each massive poster-sized work more fun that half a dozen "Where's Waldo" books.

Farinas has other commendable works chock full of pop culture references at his blog, but before you trek over there, check out his Lego images after the jump.Blackest Night

At this point I really just want framed versions of both of these mini masterpieces on my wall.