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All The Image Comics Announcements From Emerald City Comic Con
When Image Comics has new titles to announce, it doesn't play by halves; the publisher has been known to throw down a massive number of awesome sounding titles led by amazing creators, before dropping the mic as if to say, "Top that". Last night at Emerald City Comic Con, the publisher did exactly that as it announced fifteen new comics and original graphic novels, including new work from Jeff Lemire, Declan Shalvey and Matt Wagner.
The Law Returns To The Moon In 'Judge Dredd Annual 2017'
We have, as a people, had Judge Dredd comics for about 40 years now, so it's fair to say that maybe we've gotten used to having him around. I mean, as shocking as his sprawling thrill-powered future might be, and as strange as things can get in in the blocks of Mega City One, there's a level where we've come to terms with it --- or some of it, at least. But that's the trick with what's been happening in IDW's Dredd titles over the past year. Stories like Mega City Zero have somehow managed to drop Dredd into a world that he doesn't understand, recreating that feeling that we have when we're dropped into his world --- and in this year's Judge Dredd Annual, Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas, Dan McDaid and Ryan Hill are taking it one step further.
Best Covers Ever (This Year): IDW 2016 Edition
In the latest of our galleries celebrating the best covers of the year, we're looking at the best covers from IDW. IDW maintained its impressive and diverse line of licensed properties in 2016, from Ninja Turtles to Little Ponies, as well as ambitiously expanding and collating its Hasbro properties under the "Revolution" banner, and reviving and reinventing the Micronauts, M.A.S.K., and Rom.
Exclusive Preview: 'Godzilla: Rage Across Time' #4
They've never really gotten around to the real question that I think we all want answered: What would've happened in the Second Punic War if Hannibal's crossing of the Alps had been stopped by Godzilla? Fortunately, Ulises Farinas, Erik Freitas, Pablo Tunica, and Chris Mowry are here to finally settle things once and for all with Godzilla: Rage Across Time #4, in which the Carthaginian forces run across the King of All Monsters.
Dredd Faces Off Against Mega City Zero in 'Judge Dredd' #10
IDW's own-brand Judge Dredd has proved just how versatile the character is when taken away from his home of 2000 AD and transplanted to an American publisher. The current volume by Ulises Fariñas, Erick Freitas, Dan McDaid and Ryan Hill has taken Dredd to some exciting new places, and the current ten-part "Mega-City Zero" has been one of the best Dredd stories in recent memory.
Magnetic Press Unveils Fall / Winter Line-Up
Magnetic Press is one of the publishers to watch this year, and its efforts in scouring the world for the best comics and creators to bring to western audiences has resulted in the release of amazing comics that might never have seen the light of day otherwise. Today, ComicsAlliance can exclusively reveal the seven original graphic novels that form Magnetic Press's Fall/Winter line-up, including the first two titles from Ulises Fariñas and Storme Smith's imprint Buño
Ulises Fariñas To Launch Buno Imprint With Magnetic Press
Cartoonist Ulises Fariñas is perhaps best known for his work on Judge Dredd and the Star Wars activity book Where’s The Wookie?, but now he’s turning his hands to comics publishing by launching a new comics imprint in partnership with Magnetic Press. Buño will feature titles curated by Fariñas and his publishing partner Storme Smith.
On The Cheap: IDW's Judge Dredd Sale
Assuming that you have any money left after the massive sales that went on during San Diego last weekend, I've got some good news: Comixology is bouncing back after the con with another round of digital dollar books, and this time, they've got a half-off sale featuring the future's greatest lawman, Judge Dredd. Just not the version you might expect.
Preview: Pressure/Sensitivity, Wacom's Free Comics Anthology
Available for free right now is Pressure/Sensitivity, the very cleverly titled inaugural anthology project produced by Wacom. The book is a natural step for Wacom to make, as makers of the tablet technology used by an increasing number of comic book artists to create their work. Because Pressure/Sensitivity: An Awesome Comics Anthology is edited by former ComicsAlliance editor Caleb Goellner (currently Wacom's Social Marketing Specialist), it comes as no surprise that the book is populated by contributors well known to CA readers for their distinctive styles and technical prowess: Ben Sears, Giannis Milonogiannis, Ming Doyle, Meredith Gran & Mike Holmes, and Ulises Farinas & Ryan Hill.
Wacom Announces Free Digital Comics Anthology
Those of you who keep track of the ComicsAlliance staff for shipping purposes may have been wondering what former editor Caleb Goellner has been up to since he left the site earlier this year. As it happens, he's been over at Wacom, and while working on tablets used for digital art is still pretty close to comics -- indeed, many comics artists use the technology to create their comics -- the company is nudging even closer with the announcement of the first-ever Wacom comics anthology. Built around the theme of "Pressure/Sensitivity" (geddit?), the anthology will feature the talents of cover artist and ComicsAlliance favorite Ulises Farinas with stories by the equally esteemed Meredith Gran, Ming Doyle, Giannis Milanogiannis and more. Even better, the 32-page anthology will be free to download when it's released in January.

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