Cartoonist Ulises Fariñas is perhaps best known for his work on Judge Dredd and the Star Wars activity book Where’s The Wookie?, but now he’s turning his hands to comics publishing by launching a new comics imprint in partnership with Magnetic Press. Buño will feature titles curated by Fariñas and his publishing partner Storme Smith.

Speaking exclusively to The Beat, Fariñas talks about how Buño will be a positive force in the industry to help bring small press publications by diverse creators to a larger audience. Buño’s partnership with Magnetic Press will help provide the reach that many small-press publishers simply can’t attain, and Fariñas describes his imprint and its relationship with the larger publisher as “an indie publisher and a half”.

The imprint will launch later this year with its first publication, Rob Cham’s, Light which was previously published through Filipino imprint Anino House, but the release through Buño marks its availability for the first time in the West. Light is a silent, black and white story featuring a pair of adventurers and their quest to return color to the world.

Also on Buño’s first publishing slate is Cloudia & Rex by Fariñas, Erick Freitas and Daniel Irizarri, which is inspired both by classic Captain Marvel tales and by religion and myth from around the world. Buño will also publish The Guardian Force Design Manuel, a ““meta-fictional art and design book” written and drawn by Fariñas, with inks by Mike Prezzato.

For more information on Buño and its titles, The Beat has exclusive coverage and interviews throughout the week.

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