Separately, Lion Forge and Magnetic Press are two of the most exciting and innovative up-and-coming independent publishers in the entire comics industry. Both publishers have a commitment to diversity and inclusivity that other companies would struggle to match, and both publishers have been lauded with acclaim in a relatively short amount of time.

It only makes sense for the two companies to work together, with Lion Forge announcing yesterday that it has acquired Magnetic Press and will release upcoming Magnetic Press titles through an imprint known as Magnetic Collection, which will be curated by Magnetic Press president and publisher Mike Kennedy.

In a statement released by Magnetic Press, Kennedy stated

Lion Forge not only understands what Magnetic achieved in its first 2 ½ years, their enthusiasm and commitment to help continue the Magnetic mission –  to bring more great books and talent from around the world to market – is beyond exciting. I’m thrilled to be joining the talented and experienced staff assembled at Lion Forge.

Magnetic Collection joins Lion Forge's all-ages imprint Roar Comics as the publisher seeks to expand its place in the market and cater to a larger and more inclusive audience. It's unclear as of this time what this means for Ulises Fariñas and Storme Smith's Magnetic Press imprint Buño, and if those comics will now be published via Lion Forge.

Also this week, Lion Forge senior editor Joseph P. Illidge announced what he has called the "first wave" of new Lion Forge writers; Dr. Sheena Howard, Brandon Thomas, Ramón Govea, and David F. Walker. There are no details at this time about what books these writers will be working on, but it's a promisingly diverse roster of talents.

Illidge promised more announcements to come, so further details may emerge during New York Comic Con.

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