As an assemblage of oft-snarky bloggers, we've had our share of fun at Bluewater Productions' expense. Honestly, Chris Sims' Stephenie Meyer bio comic review alone probably has us near the top of their "People not to boogie down with at Comic-Con" list.

We understand, but we're hardly the only blog that turns a somewhat cynical eye to the publisher's bio comics selections. While the early days of Bluewater's bio line focused on the 2008 election and historical figures of note, it's since delved deep into pop culture territory, with the likes of Oprah, Lady Gaga and Ellen getting the comic book treatment. So it's not really unfair to wonder where the line is drawn on who is worthy enough to end up Bluewatered.

There is one celebrity that won't be making an appearance anytime soon, however, according to a Bluewater post on Twitter:

"Is there someone we would NOT do a biography comic on... I think Heidi Montag is that limit that I would never cross #HeidiMontag."

Bluewater will have to forgive our collective skepticism. After all, even if Montag ain't exactly "Female Force" material, her alleged plastic surgery addiction and senseless celebrity seems like just the thing to float a few copies into shops.

The lighthearted tone of the tweet technically protects Bluewater from changing its mind down the road, but don't think we won't remember this if/when Montag pops up in "Previews."