If the commercial success of Image's Phonogram taught us anything, it's that comics about music sell like hotcakes; and if the stratospheric ratings of Fox's Glee are any indication, it's that people will listen to anything that sounds like John Mayer.

It's possible that some or all of those things are not true (to clarify, Phonogram rules and should have made a million dollars). What's for sure happening, however, is that Bluewater Productions is once again test the limits of fandom with Fame: The Cast of Glee, a 32-page one shot created in the publisher's inimitable Wikipedia Illustrated style. Gleeks will be treated to condensed life stories of the show's main cast, as well as a timeline of creator Ryan Murphy's career. The book is on sale now for $3.99.In an official statement, Bluewater founder Darren G. Davis said Fame: The Cast of Glee is part of a strategy to repel bring new readers to the comic book medium.

"Our Fame series has attracted an entirely new audience to the world of comics, whether they're fans of Lady Gaga or Twilight," he said. "I expect that the same thing will happen with Fame: The Cast of Glee. I hope to see a lot of people who've never picked up comics before decide to pick up this book."

Davis Co-writer Cameron Cooke added that simply being part of an effort to create biographies of disparate actors who appear in a hit television show with which he seems to have no involvement was "an eye-opening experience that I'll never forget."

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