Pixar's pile of Oscars proves they know how to pick their creators, and so do the lively superhero sketches on their story artist Bobby Rubio's Chasing Rockets blog. Amid tributes to some classic Chris Farley and Justin Timblerlake Saturday Night Live moments, he's managed to work in a great The Hangover homage, as well as a quiet moment with Nightwing and Starfire.
He's not above getting Black Cat and Catwoman into cat-fight, either, though a quick Google search will show you that he's not the first one to stage such an encounter.

It's also worth noting that according to Rubio's sketch notes, he's a big proponent of working at least one good Batman/Bane fight into The Dark Knight Rises. Watching Batman fight Bane in the dark using sonar might not be nearly as fun to watch in theaters, but it's a fine concept to look at when Rubio draws it.

[Via Geek-Art]