Last weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live featured the return of "The Ambiguously Gay Duo," the popular animated superhero parody by Robert Smigel. A recurring feature on SNL, a new episode of "TAGD" hadn't been broadcast since 2007, but the wait was no doubt worth it for fans of Ace and Gary, who reunited in the forms of Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon for a live-action adventure. Stephen Colbert, Steve Carrell, Fred Armisen and Ed Helms also appeared.Twelve episodes of "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" have been produced since 1996, and each one depicts supervillain archetypes like Big Head and Lizardo failing in their plans for world domination as a consequence of being distracted by the uncertain relationship between superheroes Ace and Gary. The series is characterized by ceaseless innuendo and extremely silly homoerotic sight-gags designed to confound the villains, who never seem to pass moral judgement on their enemies -- in fact they go out of their way to deny staring so as not to seem rude -- but are insatiably curious nevertheless.

In the new live-action episode, a Two-Face-like villain played by Ed Helms accidentally turns all of the cartoons into flesh-and-blood people. Brain-o and Big Head are played by Stephen Colbert and Steve Carrel, who voiced the Ambiguously Gay Duo in the previous animated shorts, and Fred Armisen plays Lizardo.

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