Boneyard #25 coverPress Release

Richard Moore's popular comedy of horrors, BONEYARD, reaches issue #25 in May. A favorite since its first issue in the spring of 2001, the quarterly BONEYARD has only been growing more popular. Last month, BONEYARD publisher NBM Publishing quickly sold out all copies of BONEYARD #23, with significant reorders that had to be shorted and allocated. In 2005, the collected volume BONEYARD IN COLOR won a gold medal in Foreword magazine's Book of the Year awards.

BONEYARD is about Michael Paris, a nice guy who inherits a graveyard and finds that it's the home of bizarre creatures such as the cute vampire Abbey, the brainy but inept demon Glump, and the evil Mayor Wormwood. In BONEYARD #25, Michael is trapped in the realm of Faerie. Abbey must free him, and she asks Glump for help. But, says Moore, "[Glump's] scientific endeavors tend to go awry, to say the least. No telling how many parallel worlds they'll have to go through before they find the right one."

"I've always loved horror, sci-fi and fantasy, but my personal strength is humor," Moore adds. In future issues, "Look for everything from body-snatching pod people to ancient mummies, nature run amok, and giant, rampaging monsters."

Fans and critics alike love BONEYARD.
"BONEYARD is a gem that deserves fame and acclaim."-Newsarama

"Well rendered, witty tale. Recommended for teens and adults."-Library Journal

"A series garnering great word of mouth and increasing sales based on pure craftsmanship and enjoyment."-Troy Brownfield,

"Simply a delight."-Andrew Smith, Scripps-Howard papers

"Everything a comic about friendly monsters should be. Moore's strength is his ear for dialogue and timing."-Publishers Weekly

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