Movies: The very purple Abin Sur gets his own Green Lantern movie poster. Spoiler warning: I don't think he's going to make it. [Spinoff]

Charity: G-Man creator Chris Giarrusso is drawing free sketches for fans who donate at least $25 to the American Liver Association's current fund-raiser. See his site for full details.. [Robot6]

Sales: NBM's got a crazy graphic novel liquidation sale going on. Stuff like American Splendor, Persepolis and Eternal Smile are going for $3. Seriously. [NBM]

Toys: The only thing creepier than live action Gargamel is toy live action Gargamel. [BBTS]

Releases: Gun Show creator KC Green has a new comic and art book out, Midnite Surprise Vol. 1, with all kinds of material from his blog. [TopatoCo]

Art: Dan Hipp does the TMNT. IDW may want to call this dude for a backup in their upcoming comic relaunch... [Mr. Hipp]

Threads: Nowherebad's new Voltron/Tron mashup tee by Joebot will form the body, should you choose to buy one. [io9]

Art: The Batman Black & White Statue designed by Sergio Aragones has some pretty heroic proportions. It'll run $90 when it drops in January. [Toynewsi]

Creepy: Pikachu Cthulhu (PikaCthulhu?) -- the stuff of cuddly dread. [Kotaku]

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