Last week prominent bookstore chain Barnes and Noble raised its share of eyebrows when it responded to DC Comics' plans to sell 100 select digital titles -- including The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen -- exclusively on Amazon's upcoming Kindle Fire tablet by pulling those comics from store shelves. This week, Books-A-Million is following in B&N's controversial footsteps by removing the same content from its more than 210 stores.According to Publishers Weekly, Books-A-Million CEO Terrance Finley's official release states:

"due to DC Comics plan to sell the digital format of their top 100 graphic novels exclusively through Amazon's Kindle Fire, BAM Stores are currently removing physical copies of these titles from our shelves." Finley said that supporting any publisher that "selectively limits distribution of their content," is not in the interest of BAM customers. "We will not promote titles in our stores showrooms if publishers choose to pursue these exclusive arrangements that create an uneven playing field in the marketplace."

Though Finley doesn't directly mention it, Books-A-Million has a deal with B&N to sell its Nook reader exclusively. There's no direct indication from BAM as to whether or not that deal is a factor in the retailer's boycott of printed material over a decidedly digital matter, however.

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