Movies: The final trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 includes just a little bit more Rhino action. [ScreenCrush]


Marvel Now teen heroes

Digital: Marvel is currently giving away a selection of its teen books at with the promo code "TEEN". [AgentM]



Innovation: Chris Romberger, a 19-year-old with Down syndrome and autism, has opened a new comic book vending machine with Comic Man Comics and Books at Villanova University. [Robot 6]


Anime: A second clip from the Attack on Titan English dub gives fans a chance to hear even more characters in action. [Funimation]


Rorschach Watchmen Square Enix Play Arts Kai

Toys: New images of the Square Enix Play Arts Kai Rorschach will make you say "Hurm." [FB]


Tokusatsu: Five seconds of new Kikaider? We'll take it. [Henshin Justice]

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