Steven Universe fans rejoice! Boom Studios has announced a new ongoing comic based on the popular Cartoon Network series by writer Melanie Gillman and artist Katy Farina. Gillman is best known for their webcomic As the Crow Flies, while Farina has previously worked on licensed properties for Boom, drawing The Amazing World of Gumball and coloring Rick & Morty.

This ongoing title will be the third Steven Universe series from Boom. The first, also titled Steven Universe, launched early in the show's run, with Jeremy Sorese and Coleman Engle at the helm, and ran for eight issues. That series was followed by Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems, a four-issue miniseries  by Josceline Fenton and Chrystin Garland, which ran earlier this year. There were also some specials by various creators along the way.

With the TV series going strong after a successful "Summer of Steven" that featured a daily schedule of episodes, this seems like the perfect time to launch an ongoing comic. Adaptations can be a challenge sometimes, because you can't usually reveal new canonical information outside of the primary medium, but this show's focus on simple, human stories and fun, lighthearted adventures makes it seem like an exception. And if they can get the go-ahead to bring back, for example, the Homeworld Rubies, even better.


Subscription Cover by Rian Sygh
Subscription Cover by Rian Sygh, via Den of Geek
Variant Cover by Jenn St-Onge
Variant Cover by Jenn St-Onge, via Den of Geek
Gem Foil Incentive Variant Cover by Missy Pena
Gem Foil Incentive Variant Cover by Missy Pena, via Den of Geek


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