If you've read ComicsAlliance comments for any amount of time, you'll know that if nothing else, we are bitter, jaded (hipster???) dinosaurs. As a result, it may seem rare that we get excited about something like a variant cover or a convention exclusive, unless it's something pretty, pretty awesome. Fortunately for our tiny, blackened hearts, that exact thing happened today when Boom! Studios revealed their Baltimore Comic-Con variants for Garfield #17 and RoboCop: The Last Stand #1.

Yeah, that's right: We're excited about Garfield on a Monday. See why in the full-sized image below!


Regardless of how you might feel about America's favorite lazy cat and whether or not it's appropriate for a housecat to eat so much lasagna (note: it is not), I think we can all agree that two easy ways to make him better are a) having it drawn by the always-amazing Natasha Allegri, and b) having Garfield be a weird fat motorcycle that Jon rides to romantic motorcycle adventures with Liz.

I want to read this story so badly.

For RoboCop, things went 8-bit:




Increasingly prominent 8-Bit artist Matthew Waite's variant cover pits Robo against the OCP's woefully defective ED-209 and the street thugs of Old Detroit, and again: why didn't the actual RoboCop video game look this good?

Ah well, at least we can dream, right? Baltimore Comic-Con kicks off on September 6 and 7, and you can find Boom! at booth 1303.

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