'The Dark Knight' Re-Told As 8-Bit Nintendo Game [Video]
  Maybe it was because Arkham Asylum was in the works at the time or that the mobile game market wasn't quite the powerhouse it is today, but for whatever reason there weren't any The Dark Knight videogame adaptations when the film dropped in 2008. While it's probably for the best that TDK's narrative wasn't reduced to what would've almost had to have been an epic boss battle with Heath Ledger's J
Boom! Studios Batlimore Comic-Con Exclusive 'Garfield' and 'RoboCop' Covers
If you've read ComicsAlliance comments for any amount of time, you'll know that if nothing else, we are bitter, jaded (hipster???) dinosaurs. As a result, it may seem rare that we get excited about something like a variant cover or a convention exclusive, unless it's something pretty, pretty awesome. Fortunately for our tiny, blackened hearts, that exact thing happened today when Boom! Studios rev
Eric Palmer Imagines Superhero and Sci-Fi Movies 8-Bit Style
Working to put a spritely spin on iconic films from the past fifteen years or so, designer Eric Palmer has transformed even the most serious of superhero and sci-fi characters into friendly faces. Palmer's primarily stuck to using classic Mega Man game sprites as a template for 8-bit versions of Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Joker from The Dark Knight, V from V For Vendetta and more...
Jesus Castaneda Shows Superheroes Soaring in 8-Bit Style [Art]
Drawing some serious inspiration from Nintendo's 1988 mega-hit Super Mario Bros. 3, pixel artist Jesus Castaneda has illustrated an assortment of superhero and sci-fi icons taking flight as if by Super Leaf. Castaneda's Tumblr is packed with page after page of fun 8-bit art pieces and other illustrations, while his Society6 site offers prints of select heroes getting air...
Laura Bifano Unleashes 8-Bit Animals into the Real World [Art]
The beloved 8-bit video games of our youth such as Mega Man and Super Mario Bros. have inspired plenty of 2-dimensional webcomics, T-shirts and socks in recent years. Laura Bifano's art puts a different spin on blocky animals, though, sculpting her critters from 3-D blocks and letting them loose in curvier worlds...
8-Bit ‘Futurama’ Game is Too Good to Exist [Video]
Hyper-kudos to GrandmaBird, the YouTuber who created a mock-up of an old school Futurama Nintendo game that we'd genuinely love to play. Featuring authentically crappy 8-bit graphics, early 1980s Nintendo music, and a number of awesome references in the level designs, this fake Futurama game is something series creators Matt Groening and David X...
Marvelized Mega Man Sprites Are 8 Bits of Awesome
If our look at comics reimagined as NES games didn't satisfy your love of comic-themed 8-Bit video game sprites, then prepare to be awesomed. Suzuran at DeviantArt, has posted a piece called "Marvel Megas" where sprites from the "Mega Man" games have been modified into 54 Marvel heroes and villains, including everyone from X-Man to Hercules to the entire Fantastic Four and, of