If the little boxes in the pixelated artwork of games such as Sword and Sworcery and Bit.Trip Beat stimulate your art receptors in a positive way, you should probably acquaint yourself with Andy Helms' retro-tastic GIF files. His art is 8-bit, and much of his inspiration comes from the '80s. Basically, his artwork proposes brilliant NES-ready concepts for everything from RoboCop battle scenes to Commander William Riker playing the trombone.Helms shares his sketches and T-shirt designs on his Tumblr account, and you can even purchase a few of his creations over at Mighty Fine. He draws in inked lines on occasion as well, though you'll see that even much of that work features video game characters, including Ness from Earthbound and Travis Touchdown from the No More Heroes titles.

He has even got a pixelized Inception scene in there, and if Christopher Nolan decides that he wants this type of look for the official game adaptation of his film, well-worse movie-game decisions have been made.

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