Like custom action figures, much of pixel art's popularity often stems from creators taking recognizable templates (like, say, Mega Man or Super Mario Bros. sprites) and transforming them into recognizable characters to fit the tone of a fan-favorite series. Though his style is a clear callback to 8 and 16-bit video game hits, there's something fresh about the pixel art of Victor Dandridge Jr. Many Marvel and DC Comics heroes and villains appeared in official games from the NES era, but his characters exude considerably more style than many of them wound up with at the time. Dandridge Jr.'s Finn and Jake of Adventure Time fame exude similar clarity and have more in common with WayForward's upcoming official AT game (itself inspired by retro releases) than your average game cartridge characters circa 1988. Check out some of our favorite superheroic pixel pieces by Dandridge Jr. after the cut.

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