The Dark Knight 8-Bit Video

Maybe it was because Arkham Asylum was in the works at the time or that the mobile game market wasn't quite the powerhouse it is today, but for whatever reason there weren't any The Dark Knight videogame adaptations when the film dropped in 2008. While it's probably for the best that TDK's narrative wasn't reduced to what would've almost had to have been an epic boss battle with Heath Ledger's Joker -- a character intentionally unaffected by Batman's traditional physical violence -- CineFix has found a way to present key scenes from the film in charming 8-bit style.

Like many modern "8-bit" homages online, the video is definitely more akin to games with 16, 32 or even 64 bits. The video is true to the spirit of old school Nintendo titles, though, rounding out the pixel, parallax, color and music limitations of the 1980s with some subtle flair that communicates how players took in video game classics vs. what some of them actually looked and played like at the time.

Visually the video seems to borrow most of its aesthetic from Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series, specifically A Link to the Past for the SNES. It's hard to blame CineFix considering just how much purple, orange and green they'd have had to use to make a video anything like the actual 1989 Batman movie NES adaptation from Sunsoft.

You can see what you think of the 8-bit Style The Dark Knight below.


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