Since the close of last year, it's been all quiet on the Mondo front. After the big Marvel art show and subsequent print sale in mid-December, poster and art junkies have been eagerly awaiting the first glimpse at Mondo's plans for 2016. Not only is the Austin art house bringing its first new pieces out today, they also happen to be based on a little movie you might have heard of called The Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight, and Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy in general, have long been a favorite for Mondo's artists. There have been more than a dozen different prints featuring the Nolan-helmed features since Batman Begins arrived a decade ago. While you might think there aren't many new things to do with a poster for The Dark Knight, that's not the case, and these new pieces by Laurent Durieux and Mike Mitchell show there's still plenty of creative territory to be mined.

Durieux's print shows Batman standing in the rubble of a collapsed building holding the clown mask the Joker wore while robbing the bank in the tense opening sequence. The standard version (below) is arranged in traditional movie poster style, with a print run of 425 pieces ($60 each). You might notice the print alludes to a screening of the film from this past September, but the print was not available in time for that showing at the Alamo Drafthouse, which is why it's finally being released now.

There will also be a variant of the print available (above), arranged with a cropped landscape style. It drops the buildings in the background to put more of the focus on the subject, but you also lose out on the Bat-pod seen at the bottom of the standard print. Still, the predominantly greytoned piece looks sharp with the few hints of color coming solely from the police lights and the Joker's mask. The variant has a smaller run (225 pieces) and will set you back $90.




Unlike Durieux's pieces, Mike Mitchell's portrait doesn't have a set print run, but rather will be available to purchase for a few days, with the run determined by the number of orders received. You'll be able to order a version of this print for $55 all the way through Saturday, Jan. 9 at 11:59PM CST. This Heath Ledger Joker portrait is the latest in a long line of Mitchell's pop culture head shots. Mondo's long been releasing his work, and hosting his portraits at various shows held at its Austin home. It's a sharp piece that capture the intensity of Ledger's performance, which is impressive for only getting to see one half of a stoic face.

Both artist's works will be available today at a random time (which is usually around 12PM CST), and you can follow Mondo on Twitter to get the alert.




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