We may have finally reached the peak of Joker merchandise. Everyone else can pack it up and go home. Nothing you do will be more terrifying than this upcoming Good Smile Joker Nendoroid. There's something extra sinister about a the way this chibi-style figure turns the Joker into a childlike anarchist. It also doesn't help that with the flat facepaint, instead of looking like madman who paints his face for battle, this Joker looks like a kindergarten student attending his first Gathering of the Juggalos. Try getting the image of an anime Insane Clown Posse out of your head now.

To a degree, just about every single Dark Knight Joker figure that's been released to this point has been decidedly adult. It's not that they're all adult-focused toys, but they each respect the fact the Joker is a mature character, and one that isn't to be mistaken for an Imaginext villain in a child's Fisher-Price collection. The whole point of Nendoroids is to put this cutesy spin on familiar faces, and what Good Smile has done here certainly hits that mark. It's been a lot more successful with other franchises, and even other DC characters, like the Nendoroid Batman that's already out. I just can't get past how straight evil this Joker looks.

And that's just with the default face attached. There's also a second face plate which shows a laughing portrait, and boy, let me tell you, I'm not going to sleep so great tonight. That squinty, scarred face is going to haunt my dreams for days. If you see me at New York Comic Con, and I'm an absolute wreck, now you know why. You know what? The more I look at this figure, the more it becomes apparent the Nendoroid Joker is like the most effed up Chucky doll that was ever created. Chucky is bad enough on his own, but you throw the Joker theme on him, and you've got a dangerous recipe for getting anything done.

I'm not so sure I'd get anything done with this figure on a shelf in my house. I'd constantly be looking over my shoulder to make sure it wasn't going to try and drive that little knife into my back. Then it would leave the playing card on my body for the police to find whenever they find my body. And then he'd be making that crazy laughing face on the shelf. Yeah. I'm probably going to pass on this guy. If you like the Joker though, by all means, invite this nightmare-maker into your home.

You can pre-order The Dark Knight Joker Nendroid: Villain Edition from BigBadToyStore right now for $39.99.

Good Smile
Good Smile