The beloved 8-bit video games of our youth such as Mega Man and Super Mario Bros. have inspired plenty of 2-dimensional webcomics, T-shirts and socks in recent years. Laura Bifano's art puts a different spin on blocky animals, though, sculpting her critters from 3-D blocks and letting them loose in curvier worlds.Binafano's "Menagerie" series, which appears on her website at, explores the relationships between turtles and scorpions, as well as quite moments in the lives of deer. Bifano paints them in a way that would make them fit right in to the landscapes of Minecraft, though, and the look she achieves is cool.

Her boxy bees contrast with her frilly flowers, as does her tiger amid some softly painted grass and trees. In fact, her fox hunt piece looks like it could make for a fine game concept. Has anyone even published a passable fox hunt game for a major platform?

[Via Geek-Art]

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