If our look at comics reimagined as NES games didn't satisfy your love of comic-themed 8-Bit video game sprites, then prepare to be awesomed. Suzuran at DeviantArt, has posted a piece called "Marvel Megas" where sprites from the "Mega Man" games have been modified into 54 Marvel heroes and villains, including everyone from X-Man to Hercules to the entire Fantastic Four and, of course, M.O.D.O.K.!

Check out the full (gigantic) piece after the jump!

(Click for the full-size version)

If I had to pick a favorite, it's Suzuran's versions of Iron Fist and the Human Torch, which just look great, and while it brings to mind what would have undoubtedly been the single greatest video game of 1991, it reminds me more than anything else of the mural cover to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. And that, in turn, makes me really want an X-Box Arcade Marvel Game done up in the style of "Mega Man 9." Seriously, somebody get on that.

Check out Suzuran's gallery for more awesome (non-pixel-based) art!

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