Hyper-kudos to GrandmaBird, the YouTuber who created a mock-up of an old school Futurama Nintendo game that we'd genuinely love to play. Featuring authentically crappy 8-bit graphics, early 1980s Nintendo music, and a number of awesome references in the level designs, this fake Futurama game is something series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen would probably love.

Naturally, the game opens with a mission briefing at Planet Express, which looks bizarrely accurate even in this incredibly low-fi world -- obviously, a testament to Groening and the show's designers for creating such an idiosyncratic color palette. All the Futurama trappings are included: Bender's a jerk, the Professor is a sadist, and Zoidberg is a coward.

The imagined mission takes you to a typically gross Futurama-style planet where, as Bender, you earn points for stomping on popplers -- also known as the infant children of the terrible beasts who inhabit Omicron Persei 8. Later, you encounter Bender's good twin Flexo (Bender is the evil one, naturally), and you select from an inventory of weapons the best way to defeat the goateed robot.

Alas, this is just an animated film made with Flash and not a real Nintendo game that we need to blow into to make it work. But if Futurama's taught us anything, it's that anything that could possibly exist will exist eventually, especially if time turns out to be cyclical after all.

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