I'm not usually a person who gets excited about all the exclusives at San Diego's Comic-Con International, but with their exclusive Regular Show book, Boom! Studios has cut through even my crystallized layer of cynicism to trigger that immediate "I need that in my life" reaction.

Written and drawn by artist Jon Chad, who brought you last year's similar Adventure Time exclusive, Regular Show: The Machine is a hand-assembled, screen-printed comic that's limited to 500 copies. And instead of reading like your standard mini, this one folds out.



The comic will be available at the Boom! Studios booth (#2229), but considering how popular the Adventure Time books were -- Boom! reports that they were selling at the rate of one per minute on preview night, before the actual con even got started -- it's a safe bet that they won't be there long. So if you want a comic that promises Rigby will be a) punched by Mordecai for mouthing off, and b) menaced by machines, which I do, make sure to get there early and grab one for yourself. Because if you don't... I will.

You can get your closest look at the comic with more images and a video hosted by Regular Show editor Shannon Watters below.




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