It's been an interesting month for political issues in comic books - like a "run away screaming if you're not a fan of crazy arguments" kind of month.

But if you're the type of dude or dudette who digs political satire and all its trimmings, Boom! Studios' Boom! Town imprint has announced an offering sure to spark delight, anger or indifference depending on your political affiliations.

I'll let Boom! Town's official press release do the talking:

"Pete Von Sholly and Steve Tatham bring you a completely unfair and not balanced take on Republican Party leaders and apparatchiks. Sarah Palin, John McCain, Glenn Beck and others all unveiled as vampires, freaks, and zombies. These guys put the 'ugli' in 'Repuglicans.'"

"Repuglicans" will render Republican politicians, pundits and other assorted right-wing celebrities in monstrous detail, transforming them into horrors such as vampires, werewolves and zombies. Fans and potential foes can pick it up in April.

I'll be avoiding cable news stations all day; let me know when they find out about this.