Politics: Political comic False Witness! The Michele Bachmann Story by writer Bill Prendergast and artists Kevin Cannon, Danno Klanowski, Lupi McGinty, and James Powell, plops googly eyes on the cover of its satire of the Minnesota Republican Congressperson. [Robot6]

Costumes: We're jazzed about Francesco Francavilla's new look for Black Panther, which is one in a long line of looks the King of Wakanda has sported over the years. [Agent of Style on Blog@]

Weddings: One Sega employee recently celebrated his wedded bliss with a cake based on Robotech's SDF-1 robot. I believe I speak for all of us when i say that I heartily approve. [Topless Robot]

History: Dr. K explains why Superman's aircraft might ultimately be better than anything Batman's got hanging around in his cave. Punching is naturally involved. [Dr.K]

Toys: A pretty mixed assortment of Avengers (and, well, Loki too) assemble atop their namesake in a set of resin figurines. [BBTS]

Threads: Dex-Star makes his Hot Topic debut on a new t-shirt. Remember HT kids, it's only okay for an evil space cat to puke blood. Normal cats need proper care and cuddling. [Twitter @GeoffJohns0]

Vids: Marvel's released a video trailer for Dan Slott's upcoming "Big Time" story in Spider-Man. I'm pretty happy to read about Peter Parker acting like he knows what he's doing for a little while. [iFanboy]

Creators: The Oregon Art Beat takes viewers on a tour of Portland's Periscope Studio featuring interviews with DAR creator Erika Moen and one of the studio founders and longtime draftsman Ron Randall. [Oregon Public Broadcasting]

Art: There's a lot to love about the upcoming Star Wars Art: Visions book, and Scott M. Fischer's Fem Trooper is definitely a fave. [Underwire]

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