Titan Comics has proved itself one of the premier publishers for licensed comics of late, with properties such as Doctor Who, Dark Souls and Assassin’s Creed. Another much beloved property joins the Titan family early next year as the publisher has partnered with television production company Harmony Gold USA to bring beloved anime Robotech to comics.

Robotech first debuted in 1984, and was originally created with animation from three separate Japanese anime. The combination of three distinct franchises led to Robotech becoming an epic spanning three generations, as brave mech pilots in Veritech fighters battled to defend the Earth from alien invaders who came seeking the mysterious energy source known as Protoculture.

Since the end of the cartoon there have been many efforts to produce sequels or spin-offs, including 2012’s Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles and 2013’s Robotech: Live Love Alive. Last year, James Wan was attached to direct a live action Robotech film from Sony Pictures, but as of April the deal with Sony has yet to be finalized.

Robotech has a long history of comics adaptations going back to 1984, when DC Comics published Robotech Defenders. Since then, the property has turned up at the likes of Comico, Eternity Comics, Wildstorm, and most recently, Dynamite Entertainment, which published a Robotech/Voltron crossover in 2014 by Tommy Yune, Bill Spangler and Elmer Damaso.

The new Robotech series is set to debut early in 2017. Titan is expected to announce the creative team in the coming weeks.

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