You have doubtlessly read a bunch of Carol Lay comic strips, which have been appearing in numerous publications like LA Weekly, NY Press, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker and and many more since the 1980s. Her most prolific work, Story Minute, is characterized by quirky, slice-of-life scenarios -- a couple who wears matching clothes, a man who hates his father, the last old racist in a diverse neighborhood -- that by each strip's end become memorably hilarious, depressing or just plain surreal. Really, like all the great cartoonists, Lay's work is too idiosyncratic to describe easily. Luckily for the uninitiated, BOOM! Studios' Boom Town imprint is collecting over 100 pages of Lay's work into the first of a series of hardcover volumes under the suitably whimsical and self-deprecating name Illiterature.

The book goes on sale in October, but BOOM! hooked us up with a hefty preview that you can check out right now.

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Carol Lay's Illiterature goes on sale in October in bookstores and finer comic shops, where you can pre-order a copy now.

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