There have been plenty of rumors to suggest that Warner Bros. is aware of the problems with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and although it’s going to be fairly difficult for the studio to course-correct, there are a few optimistic cards on the table. One of them is a Booster Gold movie, with WB reportedly setting Thor and X-Men: First Class scribe Zack Stentz to develop a screenplay with — here’s the best part — DC TV’s Greg Berlanti producing.

Birth.Movies.Death confirms what Cleats and Capes picked up from Stentz’s appearance on a recent podcast, in which the writer hints at a secret project he’s working on for DC and WB. That project is a Booster Gold movie, based on the goofy DC Comics hero who first debuted in 1986. The character is a cocky athlete-turned-security guard who steals a powerful piece of time travel technology in the future, and uses it to travel to “present day,” where he hopes to utilize his knowledge of future events to become super rich.

Eventually, he does learn a little humility and transforms from an arrogant jerk into a legit hero. He also becomes BFFs with Blue Beetle, and while fans have been wanting to see the two team-up on the big screen, Stentz’s project is entirely Booster-centric.

Perhaps the best part of this news is that Greg Berlanti — the super-producer behind DC shows Arrow, The Flash and Supergirl — is producing the Booster Gold project. Unlike Snyder’s doom-and-gloom take on the DC universe, Berlanti’s projects are more tonally balanced and, well, fun. It’s not clear if Booster Gold would play in the same DCU as the Justice League, or if it would be more of an independent project, but the studio seems pretty aware that their superhero universe could use a little fixing and a little less seriousness.

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