Autobots - and Decepticons, if you swing that way - it's almost time to transform and roll out. BotCon 2010 launches in just over a month in Orlando, Florida at the Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort, and fans can now officially register for the event.

In a press release, BotCon 2010 organizers Fun Publications, Inc. announced that online registration has gone live. Additionally, the first convention exclusive has been announced - the five piece "Generation 2: Redux" convention set, including the following action figures: Spark, Breakdown, Streetstar, Clench and Sky-Byte. All fans and collectors who register for a Primus package will receive the "Generation 2: Redux" set, so if you're a Transformers collector looking to attend the show, that's the package you want to purchase.Although Fun Publications has organized BotCon since 1994, this year's convention is the first time it's ever been held in Florida. BotCon event organizer and director of the Transformers Collectors' Club Brian Savage said about the convention's Florida location: "We couldn't be more excited about bringing BotCon to a location where fans can experience everything Transformers and the amazing Disney World together, in one fun filled week."

Transformers and Disney World together? That really is a fun filled week!

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