We got a look at BotCon 2010's exclusive Transformers toys a few weeks back, but a new promotional video gives TF fans and convention attendees an additionally expansive opportunity to get to know robots like Breakdown - even if he's only "breaking down" BotCon's details spokesman-style.

The roughly 2 minute commercial follows in the footsteps of its more or less sister show G.I.JoeCon (G.I. Joe Collector's Convention) with apt CGI animation, affectionate voice acting and a balance of humor and information. Sure, the cast prioritizes selling the show over shooting each other with laser guns, but its acceptable when promoting a convention hosting many of Hasbro's Transformers reveals for the coming year.

Fans can hit the show from June 24-27 at Walt Disney World's Dolphin Resort in Orlando. This is where I'd normally try to work in a joke about whatever transformer turns into a dolphin, but by the Matrix, I cannot find one anywhere online. Maybe one of you BotConners can fill me in?

See the promo video after the jump.

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