I might've said that it was time for another parental freakout over content in comic books had we not just seen a mom in Minnesota making a fuss over imaginary sexual situations in "Bone," so I'm a little bit surprised to see another incident cropping up so quickly. But not a lot. Basically, a mom in Utah bought a repackaged set of two superhero comics at a dollar store for her 10-year-old, which included a copy of "Spectre" #9, which was originally published in 1987. Just something to keep in mind -- this controversy is over a comic that is 23 years old, which isn't particularly "news," even for a local news station.

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Anyway, the comic included a scene with a naked lady, although she's not really "naked" so much as she "has blue smoke conveniently draped around her nipples." In fairness to the parents, the copy on the repackaging did say that "all comic books inserted in the 'Superhero Comic Book Spectacular' are family friendly and will bring hours of enjoyable reading," and while the later might be true, the former was not. Also, the comics were put in the child's Easter basket, which is unfortunate (but kind of hilarious).

But it appears that rather than speaking to the manager of the store, the family's first call was to a local news station, and when informed about the situation, the store manager was shocked and immediately pulled all the two-comic sets from the shelves -- probably something that could have been dealt with without involving a news crew. The money quote comes from the poor kid, who ends up on camera talking about how much naked ladies make him angry, a fact that will unfortunately now be linked with his name on Google forevermore:

"I seen the naked lady and I got mad." Ten year old Sheldyn Conley loves comic books but knew something was wrong when he opened "The Spectre." He says, "I just turned the page and I seen the naked ladies so I handed it to a grownup and said, 'Look at this.'"

Check out the news video moral panic after the jump.[via Newsarama, io9]


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