He might not be the hero we wanted, but he just might be the hero one city deserved. The Bradford Batman, the previously-unidentified vigilante who delivered a wanted felon to the Bradford Police Station, has been unmasked as Stan Warby, a local Chinese-takeout delivery man.Apparently, Warby had donned the costume in celebration of a recent soccer (or football, as they call it across the pond) match. Danny Frayne, the suspect he brought to the station, was a friend of Warby's who called him during the match asking for a ride to the police station.

When asked
why he kept wearing the costume while delivering his friend, Warby replied "Obviously he wanted to get straight down there and I wanted my bed as it was 1:30 a.m."

While Warby has said that he meant it as a joke, and doesn't seem interested in continuing his path of vengeance car rides to the police station, citizens of Bradford can rest easy knowing that, for one brief week at least, they were under the protection of Batman. You can see the full report from ITV's Daybreak below.

[Via Robot 6]

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