Brandon Graham is no stranger to killer machines (both literal and surfer slang-ified) having illustrated any number of human/robot/cyborg variations within the pages of his critically-acclaimed "King City" and "Multiple Warheads" series. That's why the inclusion of the artist's pinup in the pages of Dark Horse Comics' upcoming "The Terminator: 1984" #2 is a match made in robopocalypse heaven.Written by Zack Whedon ("Fringe," "Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog") with interior art by Andy McDonald, the first issue of "The Terminator: 1984" drops this week, with Graham's pinup-infused issue arriving in shops on October 27.

The artist's take on the series' T-800 model Terminator, along with Kyle Reese's buddy Ben are a welcome whimsical sight amid the tale's mostly foreboding contribution to the Terminator mythos. Perhaps we'll be seeing more of Graham in future DH books beyond pinups? Covers? An ongoing series? Whatever Graham can handle in addition to keeping "King City" rolling would be welcome.

See the full image below: