The newest Terminator film, Terminator: Genisys hit theaters this week, and if you've seen any of the trailers, odds are you likely know at least a few of the big twists to come in the movie.

But hey, plot aside, there's still plenty of cool imagery of robots with half-human faces shooting each other, and liquid-metal men, and Sarah Connor being a total badass, to look forward to, right? The cool imagery is half the fun, and we comics fans have seen plenty of it over the past 31 years of the franchise. From the very early Now Comics series of the late 1980s, to the more recent Dark Horse books, comics have had plenty of Terminator tie-ins.

Not to mention the fan art, which is some of the coolest around. Particularly recently, when some really awesome looking fan-made movie posters and skewed images of Arnold in full robot mode have made the rounds.

Check out this gallery of some of the greats in Terminator comic art (such as Simon Bisley and Paul Gulacy), a few famous Terminator lovers (Dan Hipp and Brandon Graham, to name two) and some incredibly talented fan artists' take on the world of the T-800, the Connors, Skynet and all that other future stuff.


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