For fans of the work of cartoonist Brandon Graham -- and, considering the success of King City, Multiple Warheads and Prophet, there's a lot of you -- here's some good news to brighten your Thursday: Next spring will see the release of Walrus, a collection of his little-seen sketches and comics from the past four years.The 112 page collection will be published by PictureBox Inc., and will feature "drawings and sketchbook comics spanning 2009-2012," according to publisher Dan Nadel. Tom Spurgeon, who broke the news on The Comics Reporter, added that the book will also include "healthy process elements and a bunch of stuff on inspirations/obsessions," which makes it sound like a print version of his always enjoyable blog - something that should be considered a good thing, I think.

Graham is one of the most interesting creators out there these days (Click here and here for David Brothers' two-part interview with him if you need convincing); seeing him get this kind of showcase hopefully means that even more people will discover his work, which can only be a good thing.

Walrus is scheduled for a Spring 2013 release.

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