Bodysnatching bad guys are traditionally depicted as germs, viruses, bugs, worms and other less-than-lovely corruptors. In Ryan Pequin and colorist Mirka Andolfo's Bravest Warriors #5 backup, "Cute Calamity," however, the team may be up against a much more cuddly threat when the huge-hearted Wallow adopts a pet of unknown alien origins. It's kind of like the time I watched a VHS of the 1993 Body Snatchers movie in third grade at a friend's house without a subsequent week's worth of nightmares.From Boom! Studios' official solicitation info:


There's a femme fatale causing trouble on a distant planetÖand the Bravest Warriors have to go undercover to figure it out!

You can read three pages from the Bravest Warriors #5 backup below.

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