How highly anticipated is Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward's upcoming online animated series Bravest Warriors? Very. Not only did Boom Studios feel comfortable enough in the show's forthcoming popularity to announce a six-issue comic book miniseries by Joey Comeau and Mike Holmes all the way back in June, Frederator Studios itself was teasing a potential comic book tie-in as early as March. Fans and retailers caught on and apparently preordered enough copies of the book's first issue -- out October 31 -- resulting in Boom! upgrading Bravest Warriors from a miniseries to an ongoing monthly comic. Commemorating the occasion, Boom! has provided ComicsAlliance with an early look at all four covers from Bravest Warriors #4 by Tyson Hesse, Victoria Ying and Mike Yamada, Zac Gorman and Nate Bulmer. Issue #4 sees the team battle sadness incarnate, a feeling BW fans are likely feeling the opposite of right about now.

From Boom! Studios' official solicitation info:
The Bravest Warriors have to band together to defeat the most nefarious villain of all...Sadness, bro! But Sadness isn't going down without a weepy fight! The totally awesome comic adaptation of the new show from ADVENTURE TIME creator Pendelton Ward!
You can check out all four covers from Bravest Warriors #4 below.

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Tyson Hesse

Victoria Ying and Mike Yamada

Zac Gorman

Nate Bulmer

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