The seemingly bottomless depths of desperation and depravity seen on the award-winning AMC television series Breaking Bad provoke in viewers not just an enduring sense of dread, but, strangely, a kind of euphoria as well. It's an incredibly unusual thing for a deeply macabre show about a cancer-stricken meth maker and his loathsome and dangerously ignorant protege to do, but this singular weirdness has already generated a healthy meme of crude and often hilarious Breaking Bad webcomics and, now, a brilliant 1980s-style Nintendo role playing game. Or at least, a parody of one from the animators at CollegeHumor.

SPOILER WARNINGS: The following video contains major spoilers for every season of Breaking Bad, including all the best jokes. If you haven't seen the show and have any intention of doing so, do not watch this video first.

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