Breaking Bad returns this weekend for its final season, and like a lot of us, Francesco Francavilla is a pretty big fan. So much so, in fact, that he's created minimalist posters for episodes of the series' first two seasons. They've spread around the internet quite a bit, and a lot of people have enjoyed them -- including the producers of the show, who asked Francavilla's permission to use some of the images in an exclusive hardcover book they put together that will be distributed among the cast and crew only.

From Francavilla's blog:

YES! one of my favorite (if not THE favorite) TV shows will be back on air this coming Sunday for the last handful episodes of the final season.


Can’t express how excited I am, especially considering I was lucky enough to be a (small) part of this exciting event.

You guys have seen my minimalist episode posters for the first 2 seasons (I still plan to do them for the remaining seasons). Well, the producers of the show saw them too and asked me to use them in a very exclusive hardcover book they put together only for the cast and crew of Breaking Bad.
Eight of my posters ended up in the book along with the artwork of other talented fellow artists.


As thank you, the producers surprised me with a copy of the book, which came wrapped in blue shredded paper and with a bag of blue meth, an actual prop from the set.


Needless to say, one of my most prized possessions.





Frankly, that's pretty cool. And while Francavilla isn't completely caught up with his posters -- he'd doing one for every episode -- for now he plans on producing one for each episode of the final season the same day they air. It's just one more thing for fans of Francavilla and Breaking Badto look forward to.


If you haven't seen any of his posters previously, here are a few examples:


The final season of Breaking Bad begins this Sunday on AMC, with a new poster soon to follow.