There's been some rumors about Brendan McCarthy -- whose art you may remember from that amazing "Spider-Man: Fever" preview -- pitching "Paradax," his two-issue 1986 superhero comic with writer Peter Milligan, as an animated series. Given the comic's self-description as "the story of an every-day narcissistic beer-swilling slob of a cabbie who dragged himself out of the gutter of anonymity to become a world famous narcissistic beer-swilling slob of a superhero," we're thinking more of an Adult Swim-style cartoon than your usual cartoon superhero fare.

Now Bad Librarianship has posted what they say is the art that McCarthy's been using in his pitch, and true or not, they're awfully pretty to look at, and have us writing down "Paradax" on our back-issue wish list. Click through for bigger versions.