As far as artists out there with work begging to get put on a cover or two go, Brent McKee's portfolio certainly seems to have proven its worth time and again. This guy's body of work is steaming with brain-jabbingly busy pages that look like Terry Dodson and Rafael Grampa had an art jam under the direction of Ethan Van Sciver.

Be warned. McKee's work ranges from adorable to grey-matter-splatteringly violent, but if you can stomach the detail McKee draws into his wounds, you'll want to check him out. Heck, you'll want to check him out either way.McKee's official online gallery and deviantART account house rows upon rows of premises such as Wolverine teaming up with Hellboy and Batman sticking it to Solomon Grundy. He's definitely got Logan, Spider-Man and a version of Charlie Brown down.

Get pumped for Halloween by scoping out his Peanuts art, along with loads of killer dream team-ups and a private moment with Wonder Woman below. You may find Lobster Johnson and some mean gorillas there as well.