From the all-seeing watchtower of this blog, we've seen pugs carry barbarians, pugs dress like Batman and pugs sing classic TV themes. Artist Brian Rubenacker takes pugs, Boston Terriers and other cute pups into far-off outer space and deep down to the oceans floor, though, and he paints heart-achingly cute pictures that any pug-adoring pop culture nut should covet.
From dog Jedis to dog Atlanteans, Rubenacker has played around with the little mutts in numerous poses on his blog and Etsy account, which just happens to be the only place we're aware of where you can find both a pug Yoda and pug Jabba the Hutt.

Pug Boba Fett tops the list in that gallery, mostly because he looks much, much happier that his Star Wars counterpart ever seemed to be. That's probably because nobody ever gave Boba Fett a pug. Just imagine what an impact that could have had on the Lucas universe's notorious stone-cold bounty hunter.

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