If you've been reading ComicsAlliance for a while, you're probably already aware that there are very few things we love more than customized LEGO creations. The idea that you can take something as simple as a toy brick and make virtually anything is one that I love to see in practice, and the same goes for the the simple but universal LEGO Minifigure that's been tricked out over the years to be everything from spacemen to pirates to ninja skeleton biker gangs. Seriously, that's in stores now.

Of course, sometimes the existing accessories don't go quite far enough, which is where customizers come in. And if you've ever wondered just how they get it done, now you can learn how.

Coming from TwoMorrows, the publisher that also brings you The Jack Kirby Collector, BrickJournal's Minifigure Customization is a handy guide to just how to create your own minifigs, with step-by-step guides on sculpting and creating decals.

Check out a 19-page preview of the upcoming May 11 release and scope a few great examples of just what you can accomplish after the jump!The guide is written by LEGO builder Jared K. Burks (known online as "Kaminoan"), and if you're wondering just where this guy gets off telling other people how to do this stuff, it's worth having a look at his own customs:

Iron Man

Resident Evil

Aang from Avatar: The Last Airbender:

Pretty cool stuff, especially with the little touches like Alice's ripped skirt and the light-up feature that represents Aang's Avatar State. As for how it's all done, have a look and see for yourself:

Minifigure Customization is available for preorder now at TwoMorrows in both print (suggested retail of $9.95) and digital formats ($3.95). Not only has TwoMorrows knocked a couple of bucks off the cover price with a current 15 percent off sale, the print version also comes with a free download of the book in digital form as well. Check it out and get to customizing -- we need more cool super-hero figures to post!

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