DC Direct's third wave of action figures based on Geoff Johns' ongoing "Brightest Day" storyline was revealed last week at New York City Comic con with a lineup sporting a few characters who've never graced the toy shelf before. Most notable in the wave is new Aqualad Jackson Hyde, who in addition to making his first appearance in "Brightest Day" #10 will also act as the leader of Cartoon Network's upcoming "Young Justice" animated series.Joining Aqualad are the recently-resurrected Jade and White Lantern versions of the Flash (Barry Allen) and Batman, making for 12 total figures from the three "Brightest Day" lines.

Big Bad Toy Store has listed toys for pre-order with an expected arrival date of June 2011, meaning fans will have to exercise some serious patience as they wait for the new batch of BD characters. Of course, with wave 2 not set for release until this coming April, most are probably resigned to the wait at this point.

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