Mego's storied Worlds Greatest Super Heroes line of the '70s shaped an action figure era with 8" articulated plastic dolls adorned with cloth costumes, but there was a special corner of the line reserved for sidekicks standing just 7" tall. That line? The 1977 Teen Titans series featuring Speedy, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash. Following the release of several waves of Batman Mego reissues, Figures Toy Company is turning its attention to rolling out all four of the previously limited edition dolls in the first quarter of 2014.

The new figures are billed as exact replicas of the original Mego toys, potential warts and all. One of the criticisms of the original toys is that their pants (or flesh-colored cloth parts) didn't properly tuck into their boots, giving them a sort of highwater look depending on how they're positioned. Wonder Girl's unarticulated arms are also less-than-loved by some, considering most of Mego's Wonder Woman figures had elbow joints and wrist joints allowing for more action-oriented poses. Unlike the originals, however, these toys will come in resealable clamshell bubbles attached to fresh-but-faithful card designs.

Fans looking to team these teens with a Mego Robin will want to remember that unlike his fellow sidekicks, he stands 8" tall like his mentor Batman. This stands in contrast to modern versions of the Titans -- especially the animated ones -- where Dick Grayson is depicted as one of the shorter members of the team, but it may be fun for collectors to see him stand a full head taller than the rest of the heroes.

Like its other DC Mego dolls from Figures Toy Company, the Teen Titans figures will sell for roughly $100 for a set of all four, or $25 separately.

You can see all of the 7" Teen Titans figures below.