While you're waiting for Seconds, his follow-up project to the uber-successful and continuously celebrated Scott Pilgrim series, here's something a look at something exciting by Bryan Lee O'Malley. What is Bluenose Type-O?

The above image snuck online yesterday via a tweet from CB Cebulski, in which he thanked Akihide Yanagi for helping him "scor[ing] a copy of ROBOT from Comiket yesterday featuring [O'Malley's] new Bluenose Type-O."

Comiket is the world's largest self-published comics fair, held annually in Tokyo; according to sources cited by Bleeding Cool, Robot is a "book of fake giant robot anime concept work," with Bluenose Type-O being O'Malley's one-page contribution to the anthology. So, not a brand-new series to follow the still-unsolicited Seconds, then. Well, not until Cartoon Network or a video game company give O'Malley the resources to make it a reality (We can dream, right...?).