While details surrounding the actual story remain as elusive as they were when Seconds was first announced in 2011, the new graphic novel by Bryan Lee O'Malley finally has a cover.


Bryan Lee O'Malley Seconds Cover


Revealed via io9 on Tuesday, the Seconds cover is decidedly bookstore-style (as opposed to comic book store-style), featuring minimal artwork and the author's name and title in big, bold letters that are easy to spot on a crowded bookshelf. Hardly a surprise given that the graphic novel comes courtesy of Random House, who release the 300+ page book in July of next year.

What's known about Seconds is that it is written and drawn by O'Malley with inking assists from Jason Fischer, color by Nathan Fairbairn and letters by Dustin Harbin, and is about a restaurant called Seconds and a young woman called Katie. Here she is.


Bryan Lee O'Malley Seconds artwork


You can see more Seconds art at io9.

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