Since finishing the Scott Pilgrim series, creator Bryan Lee O'Malley's been working on a new project called Seconds, an original graphic novel from Random House about a same-named restaurant and its staff. Seconds was due for release this year, but O'Malley recently answered a fan question on Tumblr explaining that it's been delayed until sometime in 2014 due to a shoulder injury that he's since recovered from.From Radiomaru:

I hurt my shoulder last summer and couldn't work for a few months and unfortunately the book had to be delayed because of it.

I'm back to work on it now, but it won't be out until.........2014...............

Apparently, O'Malley's injury was also the reason fans have been seeing so much of his art lately, such as the Young Avengers variant cover, or the Battle Royale movie poster, as the smaller projects have served as a warm-up as he returns to drawing Seconds. Either way, it's nice to get an update, and fans can always re-read Scott Pilgrim (Now in black-and-white and color) while they wait for the new book.

[Via Radiomaru]

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