Prepare to make the nerdiest "American-Psycho"-business-card-scene jokes ever, thanks to designer Fro and his lovely set of business cards from some of the biggest fictional companies like Wayne Enterprises, Stark Industries and the Umbrella Corporation.

Entitled "Day Jobs" and intended as a tribute to the wage slaves who keep the lights on at these variously benevolent and evil corporations, Fro's designs are compiled as a handsome limited edition 11" x 17" cardstock print which you may still be able to purchase.

We've spotlighted some of the more comics-and-sci-fi-related cards for you to check out after the jump, as well as a cheat sheet to help with some of the more deliciously obscure references (if you know what Seinar Fleet Systems is from, you win/lose).

Visit Fro's site to check out the big picture, which includes bold challenges, like cards for Sterling Cooper, Duff Breweries, InGen, and my personal favorite, Vandelay Industries. Come back to this post for the cheat sheet below.
1. Dharma Initiative - "Lost"
2. InGen - "Jusrassic Park"
3. Umbrella Corporation - "Resident Evil"
4. Wayne Enterprises - The Batman universe
5. Stark Industries/IronWorks - The Iron Man universe
6. Initech - "Office Space"
7. Primatech Paper Co. - "Heroes"
8. Acme - "Looney Tunes"
9. Cyberdyne - The Terminator
10. Lexcorp - The Superman universe
11. Paper Street Soap Co. - "Fight Club"
12. Duff Breweries - "The Simpsons"
13. Massive Dynamic - "Fringe"
14. Soylent Corp. - "Soylent Green"
15. Bluth Company - "Arrested Development"
16. Veidt - "Watchmen"
17. Sterling Cooper - "Mad Men"
18. Vandelay Industries - "Seinfeld"
19. Sienar Fleet Systems - The Star Wars universe
20. Dunder Mifflin - "The Office"
21. Red Apple Cigarettes - Quentin Tarantino movies

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